Sea Your History

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The 20th century has seen intense conflict, and profound technological and social change.  Whatever the circumstances the Navy has been at the centre of both military strategy and national life.  

The Sea Your History exhibition gave the Museum the chance to showcase some of our archive collections of photographs and documents, personal papers and sound recordings covering the 20th century period.

On display were also many objects which told stories about Naval life, the uniforms and kit, medals and certificates, programmes and menus, drawings and cartoons, letters and photographs, all typical of the mementoes and private souvenirs that service people and their families collect and keep.

Visitors to the exhibition could also listen to recordings of a variety of people talking about their lives in the Navy. 

There was also a special Sea Your History website, centred around 4 key themes:

Conflict and Change

The Dockyard

The Navy at Home and Abroad

The Navy's People

The website was closed down after funding ended, but over the coming months, we aim to share some of the original material here.