Special Exhibitions Gallery

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The special exhibition space opened on 3rd April 2014 with "Racing to War - the Royal Navy and 1914", as part of a series of exhibitions telling the story of the Royal Navy’s vital part in the First World War. It recounted the Royal Navy’s story during the last years of peace and the opening months of the war.

In December 2014, the space was transformed into an Art Gallery for "Weighing Anchor: An artist at sea on board HMS Argyll & Tireless". Artist Jules George was granted rare access to join Type 23 frigate HMS Argyll three times on active deployment in the Falklands, the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean and one trip with submarine HMS Tireless.On display for the first time, his work, numbering almost 60 paintings and drawings, reveals an interest in the activities of the crew as they undertake everyday routines. Jules explored every facet of the crews’ work from the engine room to the bridge, joining helicopter crews and Marine boarding parties even losing one of his pieces overboard.