The Trafalgar Experience

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Trafalgar! - a multi-media experience. Based on the very latest research, it tells the story of the famous battle and the people who fought in it. You can stand on the gundeck of the Victory and feel what it must have been like to be there on 21 October 1805.   See our advisory note for parents. 
The 'Experience' has four main sections:
The Briefing Room - An audio-visual presentation. Nelson and Napoleon explain their tactics and some of the main participants are introduced
The Gun Deck - An authentic recreation of one section of the Victory's gundeck - complete with moving guns and a very realistic sound track!
The Cockpit - A recreation of the bloody scenes in the Victory's cockpit, where the wounded and dying were taken for treatment. Surgeon William Beatty talks about Nelson's death.
The Experience concludes by leading visitors into W.L. Wyllie's Panorama: a huge and very vivid painting of the battle with a special sound and light show.